We are a tight knit little team!

Here at Opportunity Hive we are a small and focussed team but we've been doing this work for a decade.

Meet our people

Paul Madden
Managing Director 
Paul has been involved in links and competitive SEO since thats been a thing that you could be involved in. A long term link builder and the Co-Founder of Kerboo, which was one of the worlds leading link analysis platforms. 

Paul has spoken at more than 70 events, all across the world, including BrightonSEO, SearchLovePubcon, Ungagged, SearchLeeds, RIMC and many more.

You can find Paul online via

Twitter - @pauldavidmadden
Instagram - @pauldavidmadden
Or at his website at paulmadden.co.uk
Jack Simpson
Operations Director
Jack has spent the best part of a decade auditing hundreds of backlink profiles and discovering new opportunities. When Jack’s not neck-deep in links he can usually be found drinking beer or coffee and watching anything motorsport & mountain bike related.
Georgia Lempriere
Client services
Georgia is the teams partnership expert. She spends most of her time in her email inbox developing new relationships. When she's not working she's usually watching horror movies or walking her German Shepherd.

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