Retiring the Kerboo SaaS offering

Back in the early days of 2012 it became clear to me that, as a large volume link builder, I needed a way to understand the link profiles of everyone I had worked with and everyone I was going to work with from now on. There wasn't a tool that did a good job in the space so I started to try and plan how I could create one.

After some initial attempts it became very clear that I needed a development partner and so approached my Co-Founder and now CTO, Dom Hodgson. Dom was coming out of a startup project and was looking for a new challenge and together we believed we could take my concept and build a tool that would help people.

The original LinkRisk, which is now called Kerboo, was born and we had a little over 4500 sign ups to the beta on the first 2 days alone. It seems we had found something that people genuinely needed.

Now we are nearly a decade later and Kerboo has helped tens of thousands of SEO's to understand and improve their link profiles. We have rescued thousands of profiles from penalties and problems, powered campaigns and improvements for websites across the globe.

We built Kerboo for scale, it grew to hundreds of servers and we crawled terabytes of data every week.

We are very proud of what we built, it was not easy and behind the scenes, the story of Kerboo has been one of constant struggle.

Fast forward to 2021

Now we find ourselves in 2021 and it has become clear that most of our clients need more insight and help than a SaaS product can provide. It has also become clear that maintaining the monster of a system we built for the work of 2012 had become increasingly hard to justify and pay for.

We, therefore, came to the conclusion that the time had come to transition to a business model where we offered the consultancy and experience of over a decade of working with thousands of link profiles.

Dom and Heather had pioneered our SaaS offering and nowadays they have their own project at LittleWarden. Therefore we are retiring Kerboo and they are going to work on their new project whilst myself and Jack (Kerboo's managed service manager) would found Opportunity Hive to offer the professional services that Kerboo had provided via a consultancy model.

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